We can install and service any existing system of all brands.  Kitchen fire suppression systems are required to be maintained semi annually.  Service includes replacement of fusible links, manual activation of system, and overall check of system and components. Find out more below about what to expect during service.

All of our Kitchen Fire Suppression System Technicians are certified by the International Code Council (ICC) and are certified as ICC Pre-engineered Kitchen Fire Suppression System Technician.

MMG Fire Equipment is an authorized distributor of the Protex II Restaurant Fire Suppression System.

MMG Fire Equipment is an authorized distributor of the Buckeye Kitchen Mister Restaurant Fire Suppression System.

Read the Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety: Statistics for Restaurant Owners Fact Sheet.

Meeting Commercial Kitchen Regulatory Requirements

NFPA 17A: Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems

  • Requirement for certified installation, operation, testing, and maintenance of commercial range hood fire suppression systems.
  • Requires UL 300 standard commercial range hood fire suppression system installations.

NFPA 96: Ventilation Control & Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations

  • Requirements for kitchen exhaust hood, grease duct, and commercial exhaust fan installations.
  • Requires electrical control interlocks to cooking equipment exhaust and make-up air fans and building fire alarm systems.
  • Installation of a complete pre-engineered commercial kitchen fire suppression system


What to expect during Kitchen Fire Suppression System Service.

1. After an appointment is made MMG Fire equipment will send you an email/text confirmation. You will also receive an email/text reminder an hour before the scheduled service. Our service technician will arrive at your location at the scheduled time. . If for any reason the time changes we will notify you.

2. Once on location our technician will make contact with you or your point of contact. If your kitchen systems is connected to the fire alarm. Your alarm company will have to be notified to put the system on test.

3. Before service begins technician will disarm the system so there is no accidental discharge of the system during the service.

4. The technician will first perform a function test of the manual pull station and detection line. The technician will activate the system from the manual pull station and by cutting a test link in the detection line. This will make sure the system will activate correctly during a fire. Technician will also perform a balloon test on the pipe network to ensure there are no clogs in the system and all pipe is connected.

5. Technician will replace all new parts as required by fire code, NFPA, and manufacturer. All fusible links will be replaced with new. Depending on brand of your kitchen fire suppression system the CO2 or nitrogen cartridge may be required to be replaced. Also depending on type of system rubber nozzle covers or foils may be required to be replaced. Your class K fire extinguisher will also be serviced during kitchen fire suppression system service.

6. Technician will also inspect entire system to make sure it is installed per fire code, NFPA, and manufactures specifications. To make sure all parts are correctly installed and systems works as required.

7. Once finished inspecting system technician will rearm the system and place back into service. Will also notify your alarm company that system can go back on normal response. Technician will fill out a required hood report and provide you with a copy. If there are any deficiencies noted during the service technician will make you aware and we will provide you with estimate to repair. We also are required by law to forward a copy to local fire official.

8. All customer of M.M.G. Fire Equipment will have access to customer portal for free. Inside portal you will have access to all of your fire extinguishers, emergency lights, and kitchen fire suppression systems reports and information. You will be able to access all reports ever done.

Read our FAQs for more Kitchen Fire Suppression System info.